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    Welcome To Radon Environmental Services

    We are proud to be celebrating 31 years of continuous service in protecting Ohio families

    from the dangers of exposure to Radon gas in our homes.  We are a family owned and

    operated business and have mitigated well over five thousand homes in Northwest and

    Northcentral Ohio.

    We are also excited to announce the recent opening of our new office in Vermilion, Ohio!  For

    over 20 years we have been covering NW Ohio, as far as the western suburbs of Cleveland.

    With our new office and our newest licensed tester, we have expanded our service area and

    increased  our efficiency in delivering test results.  Over the years we have built our repu-

    tation on honesty, professionalism and reliable and prompt results.

    Vermilion, OH Office        

    Call 419-654-5078

    for Radon Testing and Mitigation Services

    Looking For A Speaker?

    If you are interested in a 20-30 minute presentation explaining everything you ever

    wanted to know about Radon gas (OR NOT!) for an upcoming sales, club or

    organization meeting, call our office at 419-480-1600.  We will be happy to provide

    an informative talk on any of the following topics: Radon Testing, Radon and Health

    Risk, Radon and Real Estate, and Radon Mitigation: Strategies and Techniques.

    We’ll keep it short and interesting…GUARANTEED!

    Living Healthy and Green

    Today’s homes and buildings are built energy efficient.  That’s a good thing!  Therefore, the

    quality of air we breathe in our homes and places of business is more important than ever.

    Could it be that in our efforts to become “green” we have actually created new health issues?

    Experts agree that one of the leading causes of respiratory illness and disease is the air we

    breath in our own homes, schools and places of work.  Read more about EPA’s efforts to

    educate and inform our citizens about the danger of indoor Radon and other indoor air

    pollutants by clicking the picture of our installation van above