• Radon Testing

    Devices and Testing Protocols

    Charcoal CanisterEPA recommends that testing devices be placed in the lowest level of the home “suitable for occupancy.”  This simply means testing in the lowest level which you could use for living space without major renovations.  The test should be placed in a room to be used regularly and not near laundry, kitchen or bathroom fans.


    Radon Tests For Existing Homeowners

    We offer do-it-yourself EPA approved charcoal canisters for homeowners.  These devices can be mailed to you for only $39, including lab analysis.  Simply expose the device in your home for 48-72 hours then seal and return to the lab.  You should receive your results in about a week.  Includes one activated charcoal container, instructions and pre-paid mail envelope.


    Alpha Track

    Radon Testing For Real Estate Transactions

    For real estate transactions we recommend state-of-the-art electronic test devices called “Continuous Radon Monitors” or “CRMs”. CRM devices continuously measure and record the amount of radon in the air on an hourly basis. This information will reveal any unusual or abnormal swings in the radon level during a test period and are specifically designed to deter and detect test interference or weather anomalies. Each device contains a motion detector to determine if the device has been moved. Results are available immediately at the conclusion of the test. Test prices start at $175 for a 48 hour test in the Indianapolis area.

    Continuous Monitor

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