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    Meet Our Team 

    James MannFounder and President

    James became aware and concerned about the indoor air we breath during the energy crisis in the mid 1980’s.  While in the business of selling residential energy savings packages consisting of hot air solar and weatherization strategies, he began testing homes for Radon gas and other indoor pollutants.  This eventually led to the founding of Radon Environmental Services of Toledo (REST) in 1988.  James holds the company’s Ohio EPA “Specialist” license.

    Ohio License #R28.


    Erinn WilsonRadon Tester and Office Manager 

    Erinn is the pleasant and knowledgeable voice of REST.  The second person to gain her testing credentials, becoming licensed in 2000, she is our primary tester and mitigation scheduler.  With 17 years of practical knowledge, she will make your experience with REST  a positive, informative and thorough one.

    Ohio License #RT309.

    Gary Kujawa– Chief Installer

    Gary is a Toledo native having graduated from Bowsher High School in 1986 and attended Findlay College for 2 years.  Gary worked for B&T Plumbing for 15 years earning his Master Plumber certification before joining the team at Radon Environmental Services in 2011.

    Gary is married to Julie and together they have 3 sons, Evan, Matthew and Alan.  Gary and family live in Toledo.  In his spare time Gary officiates Junior High and High School football, basketball, and slow-pitch softball as well as coaching his son’s basketball team.  Gary enjoys golfing, attending sports events and reading.

    Gary takes a lot of pride in the installation of our radon systems and is always helpful with our customer’s questions and concerns.

    Jim Packard Installer

    Jim is our newest installer, having joined our team in the Fall of 2015.

    Jim is a faithful, diligent and honest man and we are proud to have him on our Radon team!


    Ron Mann– Radon Tester  

    Ron joined our team in 2009 and has lived and worked in the Cleveland area for over 30 years.  He currently resides with his wife Debi in Vermilion, Ohio.  Their oldest daughter, Nikki is married and lives in Avon, Ohio while son Eric is a sophomore at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.  With his contacts and knowledge of the area, he is now helping us expand services into northcentral and northeastern Ohio. Ron received his Ohio radon license in 2009.

    Ohio License #RT699.