Spiders in my basement?

In the course of our 34 years of operation at Radon Environmental Services, we have come across many, many downright myths about radon. Here are just a few of the most popular but there are so many more and we may explore them in a future blog.

My neighbors don’t have radon so I don’t need a test!

Radon levels will vary from house to house even in the same neighborhood. This is because of the subtle air movement through the soil.  It is always recommended that every house has a test done. While there is the EPA’s interactive map of radon zones available that is only an indicator and will not tell you if your town, neighborhood or house has radon. It is always a good idea just to test. 


Radon only affects homes with basements!

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Any house that has direct contact with the soil is susceptible to high radon levels. Slab homes, crawl space homes and split level homes all have the potential of having elevated levels. We don’t test in crawls, only in the lowest level suitable for occupancy  but even the first level above the crawl can have elevated levels. 


It will be hard to sell my house with a radon system!

In this area of NW Ohio and SE Michigan  radon is very prevalent. More houses in Ohio test above the 4.0pci/l  “action level” than any other state.  A radon system adds valuable protection for the potential new owners that other houses without a system don’t offer. In some cases there are still warranties on the system. If it was installed by us those warranties will stay with the property. 


Radon testing is expensive!

A radon test by a professional is generally  under  $150. It is always recommended that a professional perform the test in a real estate transaction, however, there are very cost effective ways of doing it yourself as a homeowner. Radon.com sells test kits for around $30. The Ohio Department of Health sometimes will offer a certain number of free test kits for Ohio homeowners. Just call and see if they are available. 


I’ve lived here so long and never had any issues, I ‘m fine!

Radon is odorless, tasteless and colorless. It is often referred to as a “silent killer”. If you haven’t tested you won’t know if you have it. The only known effect of radon exposure is lung cancer. Not everyone that has high levels of radon will get lung cancer. Similarly, not everyone who smokes will get lung cancer.  However, it will substantially increase your chances of developing lung cancer, especially as a smoker as it creates a synergy with the smoke. 


“My basement has spiders so I must not have radon. The radon would kill all the spiders.

By far our favorite, we can’t make this stuff up!  Of course your house can have spiders and radon. Spiders are VERY resistant to many “poisons” [radiation] and have too short of a life to be affected by radon much.