If your system is operating properly

Having installed thousands of radon mitigation systems all over northwest and northcentral Ohio over the past 33 years, it is extremely probable that the radon system in your home (if you even know you have one!) is not operational. The majority of systems we installed were done at the point of sale of the home, and most have probably changed hands a few times over the years with no explanation of the system that exists in your home.

If your radon mitigation system is NOT operational, you will have dangerous radon levels in your home just as if you had no radon removal system at all. Your Radon Environmental Services mitigation system was originally guaranteed to keep radon levels below 4.0 pCi/L for 10 years from the date of installation AS LONG AS THE FAN IS OPERATING and is removing radon from the soil beneath your house. However, you may not have checked to see if your fan is running recently or maybe EVER!

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Step 1.

Look for a Fan

First of all, look for your fan! Most systems will have a fan located on the outside of your home. This should be obvious because you will also see a PVC pipe extending up the side of the house from the top of the fan. Your radon fan could also be in the attic space above your garage. In this case, you may have to climb that rickety pull down stairway in your garage, OR look for a short piece of PVC pipe coming through the roof of the garage. One last scenario, if your house is built on a slab foundation, check the attic and/or look for a short piece of 4” PVC coming through the roof that is not a plumbing vent.

Step 2.

See if it is Running

Secondly, check to see if the fan is running. There are a couple of ways to check this. One way is to look in your basement for a vertical section of 4” PVC pipe with markings on it and a small U-tube with red liquid in the tube. If your home is built on a slab foundation, you will find this vertical section of pipe and the small U-tube in a hall or bedroom closet. If the red liquid is at “0”, your fan is not creating any suction and is thus not working. The second way of checking the fan operation is to simply get close to the fan and you will hear it running. You can also hear the air moving in the PVC pipe.