A Greater Threat to Pets

Radon gas is a known carcinogen, and it not only affects us but our pets as well. Pets are members of the family, and while we are out working, shopping, or going to school our pets are home. Compared to us, they spend a great deal of time inside the home, and their time exposed to radon is much greater.

Radon also lingers closer to the ground, it is a heavy element, heavier than lead, so the concentration of radon is higher the lower to the ground you are. With our pets often sleeping on the ground, walking around sniffing the ground, and generally always being closer to the ground their radon risk is, again, greater.

Our pets also have smaller lungs which means they have higher or rather faster respiratory rates which means more radon is moved in and out of their lungs increasing their risk again

Get your house tested for radon gas for all your family members, furry or not, safety.